Newest staff member's gfx

1 Any thing on the template can be customized by one of our professionals if you need some assistance for an extra cost of $2.

2 If you want to be the only one with this template, you can request to get Permanent Rights. This means that we take the template completely off of our site and delete it so that nobody else can have access to it! This has an additional cost of $15.
I am currently making graphics for anybody that is willing to give a few dollars in return! I may make a few gfx for free depending on how detailed and time consuming they are! Full customized templates usually cost between $5-$35 though. Just ask in the forums or e-mail me to see what I can do for you. If you are wondering what all I have done, anything on the site is my artwork! I have also done gfx for a few other companies including banners, advertisements, full templates, and other misc. things! I will be displaying a few of my gfx soon so you can see exactly what I have done lately!

Simple Red

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.psd, .html, .gif files

Personal Graphic Assistance1

Permanent Rights2